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The methodology created by Mona Brookes, has been very successfully used in the US over the past 30 years; it serves not only to teach how to draw, but has been recognized as an educational system that develops the power of concentration, self esteem, and problem-solving skills, as well as the capacity to follow instructions from a teacher and the development of individual expression.

At the DART drawing school, we teach students how to draw using Mona's methods. María Teresa Farré, a world-class trained architect, with degrees from the University of Barcelona ETSAB and Columbia University in New York, has opened DART in Barcelona after having been trained personally by Mona Brookes in the US. Our program provides students enough structure to ensure accomplishment, along with plenty of freedom to allow for individuality and creative expression. A full range of materials and advanced techniques are explored to continually challenge students' developing skills. Students realize that we are all capable of drawing; it only requires strong individual effort and careful and disciplined work.